The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Spain

by Bob Griffin

Novelas Gráficas
El Hombre Enmascarado

Editorial Dólar (1965)







On the final page of #75 Colección Héroes Modernos - Series A, Editorial Dólar announced that this was the final publication of the series to be replaced by a new series titled Novelas Gráficas (Graphic Novels). This series would rotate the adventures of various King Features characters, leading off with with "El Hombre Enmascarado" in "Los Malos", an unedited reprinting of "The Bad Ones" (Daily: 12/64 - 4/65). The Phantom would not reappear again until #9 in "La Bruja Janta" (The Hanta Witch 4/19/65 - 7/26/65), and then irregularly (#13, #19, #28, #34, #40) for the rest of the series alternating with Flash Gordon, Rip Kirby, Ben Bolt, Mandrake the Magician, Tim Tyler and Spud, Brick Bradford, Johnny Hazzard, Secret Agent X-9, and Prince Valiant.

Each comic measured 145mm x 210mm (5 3/4" x 8 1/4"), had colour covers and contained 64 pages of black & white reprints. The series continued to be titled Héroes Modernos but on the upper left hand corner of each issue was printed "Publicación Gráfica Para Adultos - II Epoca" (Graphic Publication for Adults - 2nd Epoch). The Phantom stories printed were as follows:

IssueStory TitleEnglish TranslationCode
#1Los MalosThe Bad OnesD90
#9La Bruja JantaHanta, the WitchD91
#13El Misterio del Meson 'Cataratas Wamba'The Mystery of Wamba Falls InnS66
#19HeroeGuest of Prince HaliD92
#28La Dama VeladaVeiled LadyS67
#34BalasBullet's TownD93
#40Rey RexRex KingS68

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