Moonstone Books - The Phantom

Volume 2
The Singh Web
Release Date: June 2002

  • Pages: 52 (square bound, colour)
  • Price: US$6.95
  • Story: Ben Raab
  • Art: Fernando Blanco
  • Colours: Ken Wolak & Dawn Groszewski
  • Lettering: Terry Boyle
  • Editors: Garrett Anderson & Joe Gentile
  • Cover: Joel Naprstek
Setting 1936: Deep within the Bengali Jungle lies the Singh Brotherhood's most revered and evil treasure, "The Singh Web". It's diabolical secret simmered quietly until the stunning and ambitious archeologist Dr. Veronica Roberts re-discovered it. Now, with it's rest disturbed, it's terrible supernatural force places the entire world at risk. The Phantom must embark on an adventure that will lead him through the streets of New York to the gates of Shaolin! Unfortunately, Hassan Singh, current head of the pirate empire, is a step ahead of him.

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Volume 3

The Treasures of Bangalla
Release Date: October 2002

  • Pages: 52 (square bound, colour)
  • Price: US$6.95
  • Story: Ron Goulart
  • Pencils: Mike Collins
  • Inks: Art Nichols
  • Colours: Ken Wolak
  • Cover: Joel Naprstek
Volume 1

Return to the Deep Woods

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