The Phantom:
A Publishing History in the U.S.A.

by Bob and John Griffin

Manuscript Press (1988 - present)

Comics Revue (1986 - present)

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Comics Revue is a monthly magazine first published in 1986, that specialises in reprinting various comic strips, new and old. They began reprinting daily Phantom strips in 1988 with #27, starting at 14 Sep 1987 (Zabadabah, D162). Issue #27 also featured a 3 1/2 page article "A Visit with Lee Falk" by Anthony Tollin - a great read! The magazine continues to run the stories sequentially from that date, alongside other titles such as Alley Oop, Tarzan, Spiderman, BC, Bloom County, Flash Gordon, Gasoline Alley, Modesty Blaise, Steve Canyon, etc.

You can arrange a subscription to Comics Revue or buy back issues by sending an email to the Publisher, Rick Norwood. There's also a Comics Revue webpage.

A list of Phantom appearances on the front cover of Comics Revue is shown below. Parentheses denote appearances with characters from other strips. #56 and #79 probably don't even warrant mention in this list - the Phantom's appearance on the cover is limited to a tiny picture of his head.

IssueCover Artist
#27Sy Barry
(Annual #2)Ron Frenz & Fred Fredericks
#34Sy Barry
#48Julia Mather
(#50)Brian Stelfreeze
(#56)Jim Scancarelli
#75Romano Felmang
(#79)Charles Vess
#84Sy Barry
#88Romano Felmang
#97Larry Lieber
(#100)George Perez
#105Romano Felmang
#109Rux Hensley
#119George Olesen / Keith Williams
#123Ray Moore
#128George Olesen / Keith Williams
#138Romano Felmang
#150Paul Chadwick
#162Sy Barry
#166 (back)Ray Moore (Jul 6, 1941 Sunday)

50c Comics (1994)

Two ultra-basic Phantom comics were published by Manuscript Press and JAL Publications on 21 and 28 Jan 1994, respectively. Both issues were printed entirely in black and white (covers included), and measured 170mm x 260mm (6.5" x 10.25"). They ran the Sunday story The Fourth Son (aka The Runt, S137 1991/2). Half of issue #2 featured a Rip Kirby story.


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