The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Spain

by Bob Griffin

Colección Heroes Modernos
Series A : El Hombre Enmascarado

Editorial Dólar (1963-64)

Issue #7
"The Epidemic"
1962 daily

Issue #42
"The Adventures of Lucy Cary"
1964 daily

In 1963, there appeared a weekly series of black and white reprints featuring mostly Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry daily strips. The publisher was Editorial Dólar from Madrid and each issue cost UNDER 10 CENTS EACH. The series was titled Colección Heroes Modernos -- Aventuras Gráficas para Adultos, which translates to "Modern Heroes Collection -- Graphic Adventures for Adults". They were 8" x 11" (21cm x 29cm) landscape format with 20 pages including the covers. The adventures of El Hombre Enmascarado, i.e "The Masked Man", were published as Series A in this set. Series B was devoted to Flash Gordon, and Series C featured 12 different characters, among them was Mandrake. The stories were usually self-contained in each issue, but occasionally a longer story was spread over two consecutive issues.

Beginning with issue #38, the back cover reproduced a Sunday page in colour (see below), and the cost of the comic was raised from 3 pesetas (about 6 cents) to 4 pesetas (about 8 cents). In all, the total run of this series was 75 issues published 1963-1964.

Issue #42 back cover
(Sunday 11 Oct 1964 "The Founding of the Jungle Patrol")

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