The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Spain

by Bob Griffin

Héroes del Cómic
El Hombre Enmascarado

Buru Lan Comics (1971-1973)

This beautifully produced series of Phantom comics was published weekly in Spain from 29 January 1971. They were a large format (225mm x 280mm; 9" x 11 3/4"), all colour printing of the daily adventures from "Little Tommy" (9/37) to "The Melody Gang" (8/43). Another series entitled "Serie O" by the same publisher reprinted the dailies prior to "Little Tommy". The stories were published consecutively but in "fasiculos" or installments.



The first 20 comics featured cover art by Enrique Torres and two scanned examples of his work are shown above: #1 the only one with eyes showing, and #3 illustrative of the rest of the covers with the Phantom's eyes concealed.



Beginning with #21, the covers featured enlarged, colour panels taken from the original stories and two examples of this format are shown above: #21 from "The Phantom's Treasure" and #36 from the "Melody Gang." In total, there were 132 comics combined in the regular series and Series O, before publication ceased in 1973.

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