Frew #1463
by the photocopier
(this edition is the 1491st actually issued)

Release Date: 24 November 2006

  • Pages: 36
  • Price: $2.50 inc. GST
  • Cover: the photocopier
  • Two pages of Phantom Forum in this issue

Fantomen Nr.24/1990
by Rolf Gohs

  • The Reptile Queen
    • Script: Norman Worker
    • Art: Felmang/Waldrag
    • First published in Fantomen Nr.24/1990 by Semic, Sweden. Original cover shown on the left, thanks to Ulf Granberg.

  • Message from the Publisher:
    The Phantom becomes involved in a deep mystery in The Reptile Queen - a complicated and quite moving adventure from the pen of the late Norman Worker, an Englishman who created an incredible number of Phantom adventures. Artwork is from the Felmang/Waldrag team with Felmang working on layouts and pencils, and Waldrag the inking.
    A rich vein of snake goddesses runs through The Phantom Chronicles. Lee Falk wrote stories featuring Doranda the Snake Goddess and Medusa, Goddess of Serpents! You will find Doranda in the 1987 daily The Snake Goddess and Medusa (also known as Queen Mehua) in the 1995-96 Sunday, Queen Medusa. Queen Medusa is of special interest. In that story you will discover that Old Man Moz entered the land of serpents at the time of the 19th Phantom. And - Medusa delivers a highly familiar line ... "Who sees the face of Medusa dies ... horribly ...".
    If you have a sizeable collection of Frew editions of The Phantom browse through the many stories created in Scandinavia. It is surprising how many times snake themes have been used! Worker's script is fast-flowing and Felmang and Waldrag show exceptional skill in their depiction of reptiles. Enjoy!
    In our next issue, we will present a new story from David Bishop with art by Paul Ryan and inks by American veteran Dick Giordano. This adventure is entitled The Servant of Evil and is part of the Temple of the Gods series, which last appeared in Frew #1445 earlier this year. Because that was some time ago, a little back-tracking is in order. Temple of the Gods centred on a mysterious temple found on the Isle of Eden by the third Phantom. The temple was clearly built by ancient Egyptians and held many dark secrets, not the least of which was evidence of a race of super beings that once inhabited the underground passages. The 21st Phantom recounted the strange story from the Chronicles. The original Chronicle entry had been in Egyptian hieroglyphics and translated into English in modern times by Mina, a German scientist who had found her way to Eden.
    Our forthcoming new story takes us back to the days of the 3rd Phantom and an amazing adventure set in ancient Egypt as he tries to unravel more of the mystery. Best you go back to Frew #1445 and re-read Temple of the Gods, because that will give you a perfect overview of The First Experiment! #1445 also includes a detailed editorial feature about previous stories which included mentions of previously unknown secrets about Eden.
    What else is coming up?
    After The First Experiment (Frew #1464 going on sale 8 December), we will bring you the traditional Christmas Special (Frew #1465, on sale 15 December). This will be a three story, 100 page edition and will be followed on 5 January 2007 by another new story, Murder in the Eyes, a modern adventure set in New York City. Then - the first of two BIG issues for 2007, our Annual Special which will be devoted to Lee Falk classics and come with another replica edition from the archives. This will go on sale on 12 January 2007. The second BIG issue? Tell you more later, but in April, we will present our 1500th Edition. Be ready for something really special!

Jim Shepherd

Future issues planned as of 17 November 2006 (subject to change without notice):

Check the New@Egmont and The Missing Semic Stories pages for details of other upcoming stories.

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