Frew #1440
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Release Date: 10 Mar 2006

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Fantomen Nr.18/1986
by Hans Lindahl

  • Mistaken Identity
    • Script: Idi Kharelli
    • Art: Hans Lindahl
    • First published in Fantomen Nr.18/1986 by Semic, Sweden (now Egmont) with the title The Gray Eminense. Original cover shown on the left, thanks to Ulf Granberg.

  • Message from the Publisher:
    Here's a new adventure which will keep you guessing until the final page!
    Mistaken Identity takes The Phantom on a wild ride as he accidentally becomes embroiled with a gang of murderous bank robbers who answer only to a mysterious character known as "Mr. C". Who is "Mr. C" - and why are there so many murders taking place in Morristown? "Mr. C" dominates everything yet nobody seems to know his identity. As you will discover, the villains at one point actually believe our own Mr.Walker / The Phantom is "Mr. C". Which not only puts The Phantom's life in danger, but forces him to take some very drastic measures as he attempts to solve the mystery. There are many memorable characters involved and lots of really nasty scenes, all washed over by some relatively modern technology. Fine scripting by Idi Kharelli (in real life, Eirik IIdahl of Norway) and as always, brilliant art by Hans Lindahl. This story originally appeared in Scandinavia in 1986, but has never previously been published by Frew.
    In our next edition, we will present the final episode of the popular Diana Disappears saga! Apologies for the long gap between instalments, but the Scandinavian publishers released the story ever so slowly and quite possibly, to help build the suspense. In case anybody has just come in at this point, let me explain that the story began with Diana and the children suddenly vacating the Deep Woods without explaining the reason to anybody -let alone The Phantom. The Ghost Who Walks has to put his powers of logic to work to go in search of his family and finally ends up in Florida, USA. Diana has covered her tracks well! Play detective and theorise whether you could track down her whereabouts faster than The Phantom! Of course, the real mystery is why Diana packed Kit and Heloise out of the jungle in the first place! That will be explained when our edition (Frew #1441) goes on sale on 24 March. I'm not giving you a single hint. Start guessing now!
    The verdict is in on our recent 70th Birthday Issue and I'm delighted to report that it was not only a big seller, but that so many enthusiasts seemed to enjoy the bonus lift-out which tracked a great deal of Lee Falk's amazing career. Since the edition appeared, it has come to my attention that while Lee was born in St. Louis, in the American mid-West, he is not included in what is known as the St. Louis Walk of Fame, an exclusive section of the city which honours a long list of achievers who were born and launched their careers there! Can you believe that? If such people as Betty Grable, Vincent Price and Chuck Berry are considered to have achieved enough to be honoured in the Walk of Fame, surely Lee Falk, the master comics creator, author and stage producer and director, deserves his place in the sun! He qualifies on every induction stipulation included in the St. Louis Walk of Fame website. Check it out at inductees. Let all of us attempt to rectify this glaring error! Write to:
    Nominations Committee
    St.Louis Walk of Fame
    6504 Delmar
    St.Louis, MO 63130
    and let them know why Lee should be honoured. Select Lee's major career highlights from the Tribute to Lee Falk lift-out contained in our 70th Birthday Issue and pen a short note. Stress the fact that no writer in the world history of comics had a career anywhere near as long as Lee and point out the fact that he spent at least the first 25 years of his life living and working in St.Louis!

Jim Shepherd

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