Frew #1432
by the photocopier
(this edition is the 1460th actually printed)

Release Date: 25 Nov 2005

  • Pages: 36
  • Price: $2.50 inc. GST
  • Cover: the photocopier
  • No Phantom Forum in this issue

Fantomen Nr.24/2005
by Rolf Gohs

  • Grigor's Casino
    • Script: Magnus Knutsson
    • Art: Heiner Bade
    • First published in Fantomen Nr.24/2005 by Egmont, Scandinavia. Original cover shown on the left, thanks to Ulf Granberg.
    • This story features the return of Prince Grigor who appeared in The Pampered Princess (D123) in 1973/74, and then in an old Semic story by Magnuss Knutsson and Heiner Bade, called Grigor's Revenge (Fantomen Nr.12/1975, not published by Frew).

  • Message from the Publisher:
    Phantom devotees will sense a familiar scenario in Grigor's Casino, the new story featured in this issue.
    Over his many years at the helm, creator Lee Falk wrote a number of stories about crooked casino operators and the sad fate which awaits the vast majority of incurable gamblers. Remember, to quote just one example, Wamba the Gambler, which was drawn by Wilson McCoy and appeared way back in 1957? In that story, Prince Wambo of Wambesi became infatuated with gambling and The Phantom had to save him from a nasty mess and in the process, teach a lesson to a particularly shady betting shark.
    The message is repeated in Grigor's Casino ... the odds are always in favour of betting operators and in the long term, it is virtually impossible for gamblers to win! However, try convincing so many gamblers of that indisputable fact!
    This is a comparatively gentle story well told by Magnus Knutsson and nicely illustrated by veteran Phantom artist Heiner Bade. Writer Knutsson has added a little more to the story to show how so many young people somehow think it is glamorous and exciting to work in a gambling establishment. The reverse is more often the case!
    We have one more edition to bring you before publishing the 2005 Christmas Special! Issue #1433, which goes on sale on 2 December, will feature another new adventure - Jonathon Wild Pt.1 King of Thieves. That story will transport you back in time to olde England and actually starts in London in 1725. Claes Reimerthi has written the story and the art, which features some truly remarkable action scenes, comes from Kari Leppänen, the master of historical costume dramas.
    The 100-page 2005 Christmas Special featuring two new American and one classic Scandinavian story, will be on sale on 16 December. The two American stories will be the recently completed new daily and Sunday adventures. The Scandinavian classic is a gem. It's called The White Slave Trade, written by Dai Darell (the pen name of Sweden's Diane Alfredhsson) and illustrated by Kari Leppänen. The adventure was first published in 1983 and has never been included in a Frew edition. That was some 22 years ago, which just underlines how long Kari Leppänen has been involved with The Phantom and the Semic and Egmont publishing organisations in Scandinavia!
    Frew will publish another new adventure early in January 2006 and this will be followed by the 2006 Annual Special, which will go on sale on 20 January. The Annual will feature a wonderful mix of classic Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry stories, most of which have been out of print for more than 16 years [Comment from Guran: see the list at the bottom of this page]. And yes - the Annual will include another replica edition from Frew's 1949 archives!
    Another new adventure will follow on 3 February and then THE BIG ONE - our very special tribute edition to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of The Phantom! That collector's item will be on sale on 17 February 2006 to coincide with the first appearance of The Phantom in 1936! The 70th Anniversary Special will be plastic sealed, will feature the most unusual front and back covers in Frew's long history and will also include a very special bonus ... a lift out separate edition devoted entirely to the astonishing career of Lee Falk, the creator of The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician!

Jim Shepherd

Future issues planned as of 20 Nov 2005 (subject to change without notice):

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