Frew #1428
by Felmang & Jim Shepherd
(this edition is the 1456th actually printed)

Release Date: 14 Oct 2005

  • Pages: 36
  • Price: $2.50 inc. GST
  • Cover: Felmang & Jim Shepherd
  • No Phantom Forum in this issue

Fantomen Nr.19/2005
by Felmang & Rudy Walk

  • Diana's Crisis Pt.4: Diana's Dilemma
    • Script: Tony De Paul
    • Art: Felmang & Usam
    • First published in Fantomen Nr.19/2005 by Egmont, Scandinavia. Original cover shown on the left, thanks to Ulf Granberg.

  • Message from the Publisher:
    Back to the continuing mystery of Diana's disappearance in this story - Diana's Dilemma! The script is by Tony DePaul and the art by Felmang and Usam. This is part four and we have one more episode to come before the mystery is resolved.
    It is obvious enough this plot has captured the imagination of Phantom enthusiasts! The amount of correspondence received is well above the average. That said, there have been some complaints that the story should run in strict sequence and not be interrupted by episodes of other adventures. We agree! However, there is a problem. The story originated in Scandinavia and Egmont, publishers of Fantomen and Fantomet in Sweden and Norway respectively, are spreading the episodes of the story. Frew receives the artwork in the same order they are published in Scandinavia and there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. As one Phantom enthusiast put it in a letter to Frew ... "This is taking the cliff-hanger technique to new levels ... I must know the reason behind Diana's decision to leave the jungle ... I simply cannot bear the suspense!" Frankly, we feel the same way! Part five of the story has yet to arrive, so nobody at Frew has the faintest idea why Diana took Kit and Heloise out of the jungle and headed for the United States without saying a word to The Phantom!
    Tony De Paul is an American, so you can be assured that his script, based as it is in Florida, is accurate in terms of street scenes. Likewise, main artist Felmang, while living in Italy, is an avid student of American city, suburban and pop music culture. His depictions of life in and around Florida (right down to cloud formations, so unique to that state!) is highly accurate.
    Just when we will be able to publish the fourth part of this truly unique story is as big a mystery as De Paul's plot! Hopefully, before the end of 2005, but there can be no promises. Sadly, it may be early in 2006 before we can resolve the Diana mystery! Hopefully, it will be earlier than that! We'll do our best to hasten it along.
    [Comment from Guran: According to Ulf Granberg, chief editor of Fantomen, the final part of this series will not be published until early next year. See the bottom section of the New@Egmont page for details for upcoming stories.]
    While we wait, we have two more episodes of The Redeemer coming your way. The dreaded Lubanga and his quite crazy cronies still wield enormous control and The Phantom is at his wits end to find a solution. You will be able to follow these adventures in Frew #1429 and #1430, which will be on sale on October 28 and November 4 respectively. Terry Welsby has created a super set of covers for #1429 and Antonio Lemos is working on a semi-3D effect for the #1430 covers! The artwork for both stories is superb. Hans Lindahl has come up with some amazing graphics for #1429 and Bob McLeod's work on #1430 is about the best he has ever rendered. I've always been a great fan of Lindahl and his exceptional fine line work. Wait until you see Frew edition #1429! Truly amazing penmanship!
    Anybody out there like the famous Blondie strip syndicated by King Features? Blondie is now celebrating its 75th anniversary in comics and to mark the occasion, a large number of King Features characters have been worked into both the daily and Sunday strips. In case you missed it, see if you can somehow track down the September 9 daily strip. You will spot, of all people, The Phantom in that one, along with Popeye, Hagar the Horrible and Beetle Bailey! Aren't comics just wonderful?

Jim Shepherd

Future issues planned as of 10 Oct 2005 (subject to change without notice):

Check the New@Egmont and The Missing Semic Stories pages for details of other upcoming stories.

My thanks to the staff of Frew Publications for providing this information.

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